It’s not always easy to decide on a final resting place for cremated remains. We know from experience that if you’re unsure, you’re best to take your time and make a decision that you and your family are all happy with.

We also know, however, that if you put it off for too long, it becomes increasingly difficult to do.

Try to think of somewhere that you’ll be happy to visit in the future, and where you’ll have peace to think your own thoughts.

After three months, we’ll get in touch with you to help you decide what you would like to do. We can keep the remains at our funeral homes for up to six months, but after that we will contact you and ask you to collect them, until you make a decision.

Ashes booklet

Here are some ideas that might help you

Keeping the ashes with you

There are various ways to keep your loved ones ashes. We receive the ashes back from the crematorium in a green bio-degradable box. Nowadays there is a large range of options for keeping ashes (either all of your loved ones ashes or a small token), some of which are displayed in our funeral homes and keepsakes brochure.

For example; bio urns, large urns, small keepsake urns, hand-blown glass urns, memorial beads, memorial necklaces, standard scatter tubes, bespoke scatter tubes, bespoke ashes caskets, ash glass design jewellery (rings, pendants, kilt pins, cufflinks, earrings, dog tags, glass sculptures, touch stones, canvas art, sun catchers, paperweights).

Scatter the ashes in the gardens of remembrance

You can have the ashes scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance at the crematorium. You and your family can be there while this is done, and you can also have a member of the clergy or an official there, too.
Alternatively, you might prefer not to be there. It’s your decision.

Scatter the ashes in a special place

Some people choose to scatter the ashes in a place that was special to the deceased – for example, in the sea, on a garden, at the top of a hill, on a favourite walk or over a football ground. Some people plant them underneath a bush or a tree.

Please talk to us if you have any ideas that you’re not sure about.

Bury the ashes in a cemetery

You can put the ashes in a special oak casket and bury it in an existing family lair, or in a newly purchased one. We can help you to do this. Some people hold a small service with family, friends and sometimes clergy present.

Taking the ashes abroad

There is no problem with taking the ashes abroad (either all of the ashes or a small token). When the ashes are back from the crematorium there is a certificate inside the box which you will show to customs at the airport along with a written letter which we will give you.

Memorial and Book of Remembrance

About two to three weeks after the funeral, the crematorium will send you some information about the types of memorial you can buy for cremated remains. They will also tell you about their Book of Remembrance.